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Imo is an English multidisciplinary artist living in Berlin. She’s a 2016 graduate of Dans Och Cirkushögskolan Stockholm where she studied as a hand balancer.  Her career’s been varied and vibrant, with a determined focus on independent collaborations, re-imagining circus, and committing to authenticity over the expected. She’s toured the world extensively to over 30 countries with various projects. She is a co-founder and performer in both Fauna Circus and Right Way Down. She has a solo show directed by Ofir Yudilevitch and is performer and co-director of the duo show Memoirs of Mud by Sisus Sirkus. ​Imo is keen to collaborate, perform, direct, teach, and continue enriching her own performative and creative practice. So don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Imogen, Imi, Imo.. grew up in an arty bubble. Her father was a painter and her parents made edible exhibition birthday spreads. Her influences were competitive gymnastics, youth circus, frog and sheep photography, cringy dance, outdoor survival, garden trampoline, and dress-up. Not so much has changed over the years… She still shoots analog, though her photographic subjects have broadened, circus ate gymnastics, cringe is an ongoing balance and dress up has never been more relevant. Nowadays, at 29 her stage work is a mix much like these cakes and sandwiches.

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